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    thinking about you…

    Most of us can remember the heart-warming experience of receiving a card, whether it came in our mailbox or it was handed to us or attached to a gift, and reading the message inside that had been written by hand by people who shared their well-wishes, congratulations, sympathy or the goings-on in their lives in an effort to keep in touch.

    And what about from the other side of the coin? Taking the time to pick out just the right card, forming the words to express your thoughts, trying your best to write legibly and attractively… it connects you to the other person, even before the card reaches them.

    My favorite occasion for sharing cards is Just Because. No specific occasion specifically demands the exchange and it is a total surprise to the Recipient. It allows for a pure ‘I was thinking about you’ message.

    Try sending a card ‘just because’ today. :)

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