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    Come And See Our Cards @ The American Tin Cannery

    Thursday, June 3, 2015


    Gallery opens Thursday, July 2nd, 10am.
    Grand opening party Saturday, July 11th, 2pm – 5pm


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    PACIFIC GROVE, CA – The non-profit Regional Artisans Association will celebrate the grand opening of its newest community arts venue, Monterey Bay Artisans in the American Tin Cannery on Saturday, June 11th, from 2-5pm. This new 4800 sq. ft. local arts venue will be dedicated to exhibiting and selling the work of over 80 local Monterey Bay area artists. The June 11th Grand Opening will be co-hosted by the Monterey Arts Council, and will be a free community event. Wine and food will be available, and door prizes will include artwork donated by local artists.

    Monterey Bay Artisans, along with its sister venue, Art of Santa Cruz in the Capitola Mall , represents a new, non-profit model for quickly and affordably establishing large-scale art exhibition and sales venues for local artists in the Monterey Bay area. The challenge of expanding our area’s visual arts infrastructure can be overwhelming and prohibitively costly, particularly given our cost of living and the state of the economy. The Regional Artisans Association assembles large groups of local artists who work together to establish self-sustaining exhibition spaces—much like permanent, indoor art and craft festivals. Through our organizational framework, and with an eye toward non-traditional gallery locations, we establish successful, large-scale exhibition spaces that serve to highlight and make available the vast amount of art being created in our Monterey Bay communities.

    Monterey Bay Artisans will feature fine and functional artwork, including painting, jewelry, ceramics, wood-working and textiles. In addition, Monterey Bay Artisans will host a First Saturday walking art tour beginning in August of 2015. This free monthly community event will feature local artists exhibiting and selling their work in stores and venues throughout the American Tin Cannery.

    Monterey Bay Artisans is located on the 2nd floor of the American Tin Cannery next to the First Awakenings restaurant.Press Release


    To be fair: we have one rack with cards; it is a humble start.
    Please spread the word, if you enjoy the artistic and physical quality of our product:
    Homegrown in Pacific Grove



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    1. Congratulations Beth and Holger and Tessa … what a terrific idea and brilliant use of space. All the best for everyone involved!

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